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Welcome to the Diamond Rings website which aims to provide would-be buyers with sufficient knowledge about diamond ring to to purchase with confidence.

Buying diamonds (either as loose diamonds or in jewelry settings) via the Internet is increasingly popular as prices are competitive and shopping is convenient. For those wanting to buy diamond rings online, Diamond Rings provides a basic diamond education. These diamond facts are intended to help non-professional diamond buyers purchase the quality, type and design of diamond rings they want.

Diamond Rings provides easy-to-understand information on diamonds including:

Help with Buying Diamond Rings

Looking for a wonderful diamond ring, engagement ring or certified diamond? Read this helpful page to get an authoritative insight into buying a diamond ring. Click on "Contact Us" and we can answer any questions and put you in direct contact with the best manufacturing jewellers in your Country. Diamond rings are an expensive and important item and we'd like to help each person purchase the best they can afford from the best in the diamond business.

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Diamond Ring News:

Solid Diamond Ring - World first

A Diamond Ring has recently been cut from a 150 carat diamond and is literally solid diamond. The diamond engagement ring is valued at $68 million and is solid diamond. more....

Rare pink diamond unearthed in Australia
Miners find a pink diamond known as the Argyle Pink Jubilee in East Kimberley, Western Australia February......more

Woman finds diamond ring in garbage truck
A Bedford, Mass. woman who mistakenly threw her diamond ring in the trash had the ring back ,after she and a garbage company tracked down the ring, going to great lengths to retrieve it.

For Billsí Quarterback, Losing (Wedding Ring) Is Not an Option

For Fitzpatrick, the conscious decision to wear his ring makes him something of an anomaly in the N.F.L., where most players ó especially quarterbacks ó opt to leave it in their lockers, fearful of injuring their hands or fingers.

Pear-shaped 110-carat diamond to go under hammer
One of the world's largest diamonds, a pear-shaped 110.3-carat yellow rock, will go under the hammer in Geneva in November expecting to fetch about $15 million

Liz Taylorís 33-Carat Diamond Up for Auction
The 33.19-carat emerald-cut diamond was a gift from Richard Burton, whom she married twice. Burton bought the piece at Sothebyís, New York, in May 1968 for $305,000, then an auction record for such a ring. The stone, worn by Taylor on an almost- daily basis, will reappear at Christieís Rockefeller Plaza rooms priced at $2.5 million to $3 million on Dec. 13. The two-day sale of Taylorís jewels is valued at $30 million.

Brilliant 10 Diamond Touted as "World's Most Brilliant Cut"
The Brilliant 10 diamond cut, a new cut designed and patented by South African diamond and platinum dealer Yair Shimansky, is the world's "most brilliant cut," the diamond company says. Shimansky explained to DiamondWorld.net that his diamond design, the result of research into optics and light play in polished diamonds, has "0% leakage" and that the uniqueness of the cut lies in its ability to reflect light back through both the diamond's table and its crown, giving off 25% more brilliance than the standard brilliant cut and making the stone appear two shades whiter than its actual color.

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"Diamond Rings provides information on diamonds for online diamond buyers including: ring designs and types, diamond grading and diamond certification."

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