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Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are given to express devotion and ever-lasting love. Traditionally exchanged or given to celebrate a specific date or event (such as an anniversary or birth of a child), gifts of eternity rings are also beautiful ways for non-married couples or unconventional couples to celebrate their love for each other.

Where to Wear Eternity Rings

Set with diamonds, eternity rings can complement or even replace existing wedding and engagement rings. As usual with ring-giving there are no set rules to follow. It may be that your beloved has always wanted a ring for their little (pinkie) finger or their thumb. An eternity ring can be designed for either - although traditionally, it's the fourth finger of the left hand that makes a connection to the heart.

Reasons for Giving Eternity Rings

Diamond eternity rings can really be show-stopping pieces of jewelry. That's often why eternity rings are given as wedding anniversary gifts as in later married life, couples have more disposable income. Eternity rings are not only a promise to love each other forever, but can say thank you for being the love of my love and help express how much your loved one means to you.

Popular Stones and Styles for Eternity Rings

Diamonds are popular in eternity rings, more so than other gemstones, partly because of their hardness and intrinsic 'forever' qualities. Diamonds can be set in 'full' eternity rings - set all around the band, but a more comfortable wearing option is the half-eternity ring, where diamonds sparkle in all the right places without being uncomfortable. Square or rectangular-cut diamonds are the most popular shapes of stone as they are easily incoroporated into eternity ring designs.

Diamond Eternity Ring
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"Diamond eternity rings are given to celebrate ever-lasting love and express how much a loved-one means to you."

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