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Platinum Diamond Rings

For many people, platinum diamond rings are the last word when it comes to beautiful jewelry, investment and style. Combined with the irresistible allure of diamonds, platinum diamond rings are very special pieces of jewelry, whether engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings or simply because...

Platinum Ring Characteristics

  • Fans of platinum will probably already know that platinum is more durable than other ring metals and can better withstand the wear and tear of every day living.
  • Platinum jewelry is usually between 90 and 95% pure as it contains less other alloys than other ring metals.
  • Platinum has a reputation for looking better than other metals and lasting longer because it is purer than gold, doesn't fade, doesn't change color and retains a polish for longer.
  • Platinum is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it's hypo allergenic. Mixed with less metal than other alloys, platinum doesn't cause allergic reactions.
  • Platinum is rarer than gold and found in only a few places in the world (South Africa, Russia, Zimbabwe, Canada and South America).
  • If a platinum ring gets scratched it can easily be re-polished without losing its original looks.
  • Platinum is versatile as well as strong and durable enabling jewelers to craft intricate designed jewelry.

Care of Platinum Diamond Rings

  • Although you'll probably never want to take your platinum diamond ring off your finger, when you do, it's good idea to store it seperately from your other jewelry pieces. Platinum diamond rings may be some of the toughest jewelry around, but diamonds can be chipped when in contact with other diamonds and scratches are always best avoided. Store your platinum diamond ring in a fabric lined jewelry boxed if possible.

  • Have your platinum diamond ring cleaned from time to time, either by a professional jeweler or using an ammonia/water solution or jewlery cleaner (be sure to check the usage instuctions first).
  • If your platinum diamond ring needs re-sizing, take it to a jeweler who has the right equipment, knowledge and expertise for working and re-working platinum.
  • Although platinum diamond rings are tough, they are not indestructible so remember to take your rings off (and keep them in a safe place!) when doing heavy manual work or working with hardsh chemicals.

Other Ring Types

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Platinum Diamond Ring
Platinum Diamond Rings
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"Platinum diamond rings combine strength and beauty making ideal jewlery investments, as well as life-long favorites."

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