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Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond rings are popular with buyers looking for a lot of sparkle and a lot of stone for their money. This is because the princess-cut (or square modified brilliant) diamond retains about 80% of the rough diamond as opposed to 50% of the rough diamond retained by round brilliant cut diamonds of the same weight.

Since their arrival on the ring design scene in the 1960s, princess-cut diamond rings have become one of the most popular ring choices for engagement rings. This beautiful diamond ring design is justifably popular - when the princess-cut diamond is viewed directly through a table it makes a distinctive, striking cross-shaped reflection, the face-up shape of the princess cut diamond is square (or rectangular) and the elegant profile view is similar to that of an inverted pyramid. The princess-cut gave square diamonds their sparkle back..

Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When Rod Stewart proposed to his now third wife, Penny Lancaster, it was with a stunning and classic princess-cut diamond set in a platinum band containing of smaller diamonds. Other celebrity fans of the princess-cut diamond engagement ring include lawyer and TV host, Star Jones, Karina Smirnoff and Heidi Klum (who was presented with a 10-carat princess-cut canary-yellow colored diamond).

It's often said that princess-cut diamonds can make any woman feel like a princess. Whilst that may not be strictly true, a princess cut diamond ring will definitely add a lot of sparkle to her life (and to yours).

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Princess-Cut Diamond Ring
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"Princess cut diamond rings are said to make any woman feel like a princess with their distinctive reflections and sparkle."

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