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Silver Diamond Rings

Diamonds are beautifully shown off by the so-called white-metals such as silver, white-gold, platinum or palladium, as the light really catches the metal and the stones to create a dazzling sparkle.

Silver Ring Characteristics

Silver diamond rings, as opposed to silver-colored or white-metal rings, have a few advantages over other types of diamond ring metals as:

  • Silver is less expensive than other metals (leaving more money to spend on the diamonds!)
  • Silver is a very versatile color - complementary color to most outfits
  • Silver (and diamonds) have a lovely reflective quality with a moonshine-shimmer that's perfect for evening jewelry wear
  • Silver jewelry has an elegant, traditional look
  • Silver is a softer metal, so easier to re-fashion into a new ring design if required.

Silver as a pure metal is actually too soft to be made into rings, so it is blended with other metals to make it strong enough to craft. Typically, sterling silver (as the blended metals are called) is silver blended with copper. However, because they are still made from softer metals, silver rings needs a little more care than other ring types.

Care of Silver Diamond Rings

As well as polishing up your diamonds, your (sterling) silver ring needs some care and polishing from time to time. From the outset, silver rings can be protected from everyday wear by rhodium plating, which creates a smooth shiny surface over the ring that's acid-resistant. Some jewelers advise storing your silver diamond rings in velvet boxes when you take them off to minimise their exposure to air.

Silver can also be affected by exposure to chlorine, household cleaners, skin oils and acids and so you may also choose to: take your rings off when you sleep, apply lotions and perfume before you put your rings on, remove rings before exercising, take off your rings before doing the dishes or using cleaning products and going swimming.

And whilst it's hard to totally restore the original shiny finish, regular polishing, and re-plating when necessary, will help to keep your diamond silver rings looking beautiful.

Other Ring Types

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Silver Diamond Ring
Silver Diamond Rings
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"Silver diamond rings need a little love, care and attention, but their affordability and sparkle are well worth it."

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