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Solitaire Diamond Rings

With so many ring styles to choose from, the solitaire diamond is arguably the most popular and the most distinctive, giving truth to the phrase, 'the power of one'. As its name suggests, the solitaire diamond ring consists of one stone set in a metal band However, to describe it so flatly does not do the ring design any justice at all for solitaire ring designs are intended to showcase the diamond.

Solitaire Diamond Cuts

A solitaire diamond ring is designed to show off the diamond and no matter which diamond cut you choose (round, princess, emerald, asscher, cushion, oval, radiant, marquise, pear or heart-shaped) your ring should sparkle and catch the light in all directions. Solitaire diamond rings are particularly suited to women with long, slender fingers (especially if the stone is not 'celebrity-sized), but it's highly unlikely that any woman would say 'no' to one! You can view a variety of solitaire diamond cuts below including:

Round Brilliant-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring
Round Brilliant-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring »
Princess-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring
Princess-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring »
Fancy-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring
Fancy-Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring »

Solitaire Diamond Ring Settings

The first solitaire diamond ring was produced by Tiffany's in 1886, a single diamond on a six-prong setting. The settings are particularly important on solitaire rings as the diamond really needs to be allowed to sparke and shine. Prongs or claw settings look discreet, almost delicate. They hold the diamond securely allowing as much light as possible pass through the stone. The six-prong setting is also known as the Tiffany Setting. However, you may want to consider a more robust setting for a solitaire ring such as a bezel setting which not only offers more protection to the stone, but makes it look larger.

Other Diamond Ring Designs

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"Choosing a solitaire diamond ring will add maximum sparkle to her finger in an elegant and enduring style."

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