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Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings become in vogue during the twentieth century, as diamonds became established as the gemstones that symbolised enduring love and romance. Typically diamond weddings rings consist of smaller diamonds set into bands of gold, white gold silver, or platinum. However, diamond wedding rings can be designed into almost any style to suit the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom.

Diamond Wedding Ring Style Options

Increasing in popularity is the inclusion of diamonds in men's wedding rings, either as a small solitaire sparkle or as a pave-style band of diamonds. Adding diamonds is an ideal way to create unique and very personalised wedding ring designs.With brilliant cut rings, shaped and fancy-cut rings, princess-cut rings, two-tone or multi-metal rings, channel set rings, men's hardwearing rings and 'his n hers' ring sets available, wedding rings and bands are anything but plain and boring in the twenty-first century.

Wedding Ring Metals

Diamonds can be set into many different types of wedding ring metals, but if your budget allows, it's a good idea to choose a ring design that's hard wearing, durable and which will look great for many many years. Platinum is popular for wedding rings due its looks and hardness, but it that's a stretch for your budget, palladium is a good alternative, as it is less prone to scratches and tarnishes than white-gold. Silver is a less expensive option again, but plating is recommended. Gold of course, (yellow, white-gold and rose-gold), is always popular for diamond wedding rings and considered to be a more traditional choice.

Diamond Wedding Ring
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"The vogue of diamond wedding rings means more choice in ring design making it easy for couples to create unique and personalised rings."

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