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White Gold Diamond Rings

White-metals tend to be a favored setting for diamonds, so white-gold diamond rings are commonly given as engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. White-gold is a popular alternative to silver and platinum rings, due to its malleability, strength and expense. White-gold and platinum diamond rings look rather similar, although there are numerous differences including weight, care requirements and price.

White-Gold Ring Characteristics

White-gold is made by combining gold with metals such as copper, silver, nickel, manganese or palladium. To help protect their finish, white-gold diamond rings are often covered with a rhodium plating. This plating not only protects the ring, but helps to create its distinctive color.

Care of White Gold Diamond Rings

  • Over time the rhodium plating on white-gold rings will wear off and need replacing. Some jewelers recommend having white-gold rings re-plated every twelve to eighteen months (depending on how often the ring is worn). Sometimes, ring wearers experience a slight allergic reaction to their white-gold jewelry after time such as a minor skin rash. This happens as the rhodium plating wears off and the wearer experiences a reaction to the nickel in the white-gold alloy itself. An easy solution is to get a ring re-plated.

  • Although diamonds have a reputation of being the toughest gemstones, they can get scratched or chipped (by other diamonds), so diamond jewelry should be stored separately in fabric-lined jewelry boxes.
  • Diamonds will need to be polished from time to time to keep their sparkle. A professional jeweler will offer this service or you can clean your diamond rings at home using a mild liquid detergent or water/ammonia solution.
  • Prevention is better than cure! Take care of your white-gold diamond rings - they are precious investments. Avoid wearing your rings when doing heavy work in the garden or using strong household cleaning agents.

Other Ring Types

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White Gold Diamond Ring
White Gold Diamond Rings
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"White gold diamond rings offer the strength and maleability of gold combined with the looks of platinum."

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