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Diamond Carat
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Diamond Carat

Carat (often seen abbreviated as ct) refers to the weight of a single diamond. The name 'carat' derives from the Greek word, 'keration' meaning the fruit of the carob tree. The carob tree's seeds were used as units of weight for small quantities of precious gemstones because of their uniform size. One carob seed weighed 200 milliograms and nowadays one carat is divisible into one hundred points of two milligrams each.

(Carat should not to be confused with karat which refers to the pureness of gold and gold alloys.)

Diamond Carat Facts

  • The first thing to remember about carats is that they refer to a measurement of diamond weight, as opposed to diamond size.
  • Carat refers to the mass and proportionate size of a diamond and is most used to set the price.
  • As the size and carat weight of a diamond increases, usually so does its price (due to the stones' rarity).
  • Half carat diamonds are very popular as buyers can get a reasonable sized stone for a good price (getting good value).
  • The price of a diamond does not increase in proportion to its weight. One carat diamonds are not just double the price of half carat diamonds! One carat diamonds are in high demand and relatively short supply, so the price increase is very steep.
  • A well-cut diamond can appear bigger than a diamond with more carats or points.
  • Small diamonds will look bigger on slimmer fingers, so you don't necessarily need a weighty or big stone to create a the sparkle you want.
  • When you're buying diamonds, set your budget first then choose your stone!

Carat Weight as Points
Carat weights are also expressed as points with a one carat diamond equalling 100 points.

  • one ct = 100 points
  • three-quarter ct = 75 points
  • half ct = 50 points
  • quarter ct = 25 points

One-hundredth of a carat is also referered to as a point.

Diamond Facts

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